Women at the universities and the Covid-19 pandemic

The project is a part of the 4EU+ European University Alliance 


We are group of three universities involved in this project: Heidelberg University, the University of Milan and University of Warsaw.

The aim of the project is to analyse how the COVID-19 pandemic influences women’s professional career as well as their family and social life. What are experiences of women who work or study at the university? What problems and challenges has the pandemic caused? Are there any positives of living in the pandemic? We want to discuss these issues.
To collect data we conduct focus online discussions in three groups of women: academics, non-academics and students.

The project is from September 2020 to May 2021. It is a preliminary study.

The project team consists of three groups:

Heidelberg University:
Prof. Christiane Schwieren
Alexander Busch
Paula Wippermann

University of Milan:
Prof. Paola Bonizzoni
Laura Volponi
Chiara Bresciani
Noele Romano

University of Warsaw:
dr hab. Aneta Ostaszewska
Marcelina Januszewska
Gabriela Goździk
Joanna Warowna




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